Widening horizons

Young energies and sensitivity towards novelties help our team look beyond its own “back yard”, opening to a global vision of real estate, in order to offer our clients the very best insight,

supported by in-depth studies and collaboration with an international network of professionals.
In addition to the constant analysis of real estate markets – for the purpose of foreseeing changes and understanding correspondent opportunities – our activity aims to transform expertise into operational force and invest in creating new housing solutions, taking an extremely open standpoint towards technical-aesthetic innovations and environmental sustainability values.



Tradition and innovation

The Sidinvest Group was born from the desire to continue the family’s legacy in the real estate sector. This started in the early 1900s, in the construction and road sector, and has since been passed down from one generation to the next, with passion and entrepreneurial spirit.

Evolution in construction techniques and the globalisation of markets have required constant upgrades of knowledge and skills, as well as in the structure and activities of those companies that are part of the Group today.
In addition to its coordination function, our Holding also deals in researching, assessing, selecting and proposing real estate operations and in raising financial funding. Today, our operations extend throughout Europe and the United States.
Our cultural and ethical vision, nonetheless, maintains deep ideal continuity with its origins. We are as convinced as ever that the value of a building is also measured through harmony with its environment, its functionality and the pleasure felt in living there.
A house is where you should feel at home.

Our strengths

Our strengths.

Best results obtained via the sharing of risk, operative abilities and innovation

01. Independence:

Sidinvest is not part of any financial or banking group, thus allowing us to manage our activities autonomously and in our clients’ best interest

02. Range of action:

selection of international real estate markets to identify the best investment opportunities

03. Plurality of services:

our range of services covers the entire real estate development process chain

04. Vertical integration:

the Group possesses all the necessary know-how to manage real estate assets

05. Productivity:

our results in real estate operations are a guarantee of professionalism and attention to the needs of our clients

06. Innovation and Sustainability:

we are deeply committed to achieving energy efficiency with innovative technologies, in full respect of the environment



Exceeding expectations

  • Monitoring of markets, consultations for investments and evaluations
  • Research of real estate properties in geographical areas characterised by a strong development index
  • Analysis of possible investments in new markets
  • Evaluation of feasibility of the works and profitability
  • Raising of funds through investors and credit institutions
  • Realization of a project to valorise the real estate lot in question
  • Definition of the team of professionals and necessary suppliers
  • Ongoing monitoring of the productive process

As we are investors ourselves, we place the highest level of attention on minimising risks, choosing and recommending only initiatives that offer solid prospects for success

We sustain any type of owner or investor, whether private person or institution, making the know-how of our professionals available to fulfil our clients’ objectives:

  • Ricerca di beni immobili in aree geografiche caratterizzate da un forte indice di sviluppo
  • Analisi di eventuali investimenti su nuovi mercati
  • Valutazione della fattibilità progettuale delle opere e della redditività
  • Reperimento delle fonti finanziarie attraverso investitori e istituti di credito


Innovation, sustainability and savings.

Sidinvest’s specific commitment in favour of the environment and eco-sustainability consists in valorising the ethical aspect and virtuous cycle of green economy.
This is why we use new eco-compatible technologies and materials in our projects and construction methods, as well as energy efficient installations integrated with architectonic characteristics, allowing for noteworthy economic performance.



Our guarantee is your assurance

These services perfectly embody our payoff: “building your future now”, which means we sustain our clients, directing and supporting them in the construction of their patrimonial and real future, with attention and respect to the specifics of each individual case.

*source AIFO
**annual renewal

  • The Sidinvest Group, focusing its core business on real estate investments, can also boast decades of expertise in venture capital, developed thanks to:
    • The revision of over 450 business plans and presentations of start-ups for financing purposes
    • Consultations concerning the potential of entrepreneurial ideas and the economic feasibility of projects

The Sidinvest Group also offers Family Officer consultations with professional figures belonging to our management structure (AIFO Qualified Family Officer – Ex Lege Register 4/2013 – MISE List), offering services* such as:

  • Drafting of consolidated balance sheets via a document that summarises: liquid assets, financial assets, shares, real estate, art and collectibles
  • Selection and coordination of relationships with financial institutions and managers to ensure efficient liquid and financial assets
  • Management of relationships with all interested professional figures
  • Organisational promotion of a continuity project, thanks to management of the assessment of human capital, regulations and connected juridical structures, as well as the drafting of a “Charter of Family Values”
  • Evaluation of future direct investment activities, including those concerning impact investing and philanthropy
Read the AIFO’ document



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